What is a Logo?

A logo is a graphic element that succinctly and quickly identifies a company. It is a way to visually represent a product, service, company, or individual in a way that’s memorable and briefly tells their story. It may be only an icon or emblem, or a logotype/wordmark, or combination of both—the company name in a distinctive type treatment along with a symbol, emblem or illustration.

An effective logo is part of a successful brand, and accordingly, has been strategically created with the same positioning, tone, visual appeal, messaging and story of the brand. Some of the elements used in logo design to communicate this positioning, message and tone are colors, font choice, custom typography or calligraphy, illustration style, shape and style, and historical reference, all of which come together to communicate.

Like many institutions,  PAFA has had numerous logo changes throughout its history. Scroll through to see a collection of our logos!