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The Dorothy & Kenneth Woodcock Archives is accessible to qualified scholarly researchers. Requests for access should be sent via email and should include a brief summary of the research project and an outline of sources already consulted. Access is granted at the discretion of Archives staff and certain materials may be restricted.


The Archives is part of PAFA's Center for the Study of the American Artist which is located on the 5th floor of PAFA's Samuel M. V. Hamilton Building. Maps and directions to campus are available on PAFA's website.

Hours: Monday-Friday: by appointment only

Please note that hours are subject to change due to the availability of staff, holidays, and inclement weather.

Research Guidelines

In order to preserve the irreplaceable and often fragile materials in the collections, we ask our patrons to adhere to the following rules regarding care, handling, and security. 

  1. Researchers must make written application for access to the PAFA Archives, describing the research project and indicating the information sought. Guests will fill out a registration form and sign the form every day a visit to the archives is made.

  2. Material may not be removed from the room. No food or beverages are allowed in the room.

  3. Use only pencil for note taking. Laptop computers can easily be plugged into an electrical outlet at the researcher desk.

  4. Use care when handling the materials. Many items are fragile, valuable or irreplaceable. Please report any accidental mutilations to documents.

  5. Please take care to preserve the existing arrangement of the material within the folders and boxes. If anything appears to be out of order, do not attempt to correct it. Bring the situation to the attention of the Archivist.

  6. When photocopies are desired, note the desired items as directed by the archivist. Do not remove any items from the folders. Digital cameras may only be used with the permission of the Archivist.

  7. Permission to examine manuscript material does not include the right to publish the contents. Determination of ownership of copyright is the responsibility of the researcher.


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