Annual Exhibition photographs

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Annual Exhibition photographs


Photographs in this collection include study photographs of exhibited works of art submitted to PAFA or created by PAFA for research and documentation purposes. Collection also includes installation photography of Annual Exhibitions.

Not all art works exhibited during PAFA's Annual Exhibition were documented using photography. Art works found in this digital collection simply indicates the art works that were photographed during PAFA's Annual Exhibition. As a result, if your search yields zero results, that does not necessarily mean the artist did not exhibit at PAFA. It just means we do not have photographic evidence in our collection.


Dates associated with each digital image correlates to the year the work was exhibited at PAFA's Annual Exhibition, not necessarily the year the work was created.

Collection includes photographs from the following years: 1854, 1877-1878, 1890, 1892-1969, undated.


PAFA will make every attempt to make digital images available to the public. However, there are occasions when images have certain restrictions and require physical access only. All items will have its metadata attached to facilitate discoverability. Contact the Archivist for further questions.


Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts


Collection ID: PC.01.04


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