Eadweard Muybridge and Visual Studies

Eadweard Muybridge's "Animal locomotion : An electro-photographic investigation of consecutive phases of animal movements, 1872-1885" was published by the University of Pennsylvania in 1887. The eleven volume set consisted of 781 plates printed by the Photogravure Company of New York.

The images include studies of nude men and women in remarkable stopped-action photographs by a pioneering master photographer. Essential for artists, animators, photographers, cinematographers, or anyone interested in the mechanics of people in motion.

In 1883, Fairman Rogers, chairman of PAFA's Building Committee, invited Eadweard Muybridge to give lectures on his photography to PAFA students. On February 12, 1883, Muybridge lectured on The Romance and Realites of  Animal Locomotion, illustrated by the Zoopraxiscope, which was a most curious and instructive discourse. Muybridge subsequently repeated it exclusively for the benefit of the students.

In 1888, the University of Pennsylvania donated a complete set of Animal Locomotion volumes to PAFA's library. We are proud to provide digital access to the amazing motion photography. 

Vol. I - Men (Nude)

Volume II - Men (Nude)

Volume III - Women (Nude)

Volume IV - Women (Nude)

Volume V - Men (Pelvis Cloth)

Volume VI - Women (Semi-Nude and Transparent Drapery) and Children

Volume VII - Men and Women (Draped) and Miscellaneous Subjects

Volume VIII - Abnormal Movements Men and Women (Nude and Semi-Nude)

Volume IX - Horses

Volume X - Domestic Animals

Volume XI – Wild Animals and Birds

Volume XII - Plates